Beautiful Day!!

It was a beautiful morning!  A breeze was blowing from the west but I was hoping it would back off.  I paddled south….. wanting to go to the boat ramp….. But at the end of Kam 3 I started seeing  some white caps forming so I decided to turn back.  There were a few gusts of wind but it just stayed windy overall.  I paddled down past Chsrley Young beach and then turned south again.  No turtles out today!  It was great to be out on my board though.  It was still breezy when I went swimming as well and the water visibility was not very good.  On my way back…. I spotted a turtle on the ocean floor.  I tried to get a closer look at it but the water wasn’t very clear.  It didn’t seem to be moving but I could be wrong.  I sure hope the turtle was okay.  The wind ended up backing off for a short time …. just about the time I finished swimming!  Of course!  We will see what tomorrow brings….