Sun, Wind, Rain and a Turtle!!

Another windy morning!  There was even sugar cane being burned so the smoke was blowing right in my direction…… Disgusting.  After getting caught in the wind yesterday…. I vowed to paddle north if there was any wind at all.  Well, the smoke was too much!   I turned and paddled south.  I got as far as halfway through Kam 3 and then turned around.  It didn’t look like the wind was going to bavk off today.  It stayed windy the whole time I paddled!  At least I wasn’t all the way down at the boat ramp!  Just about the time I was going to swim…..the wind backed off and it was a really nice swim!  I was about halfway down to the reef and ran into a turtle swimming north.  I was so excited to see it!  I turned around and swam with it almost down to the end of Charley Young beach.  Twice it came up under me and then off to my right side.  It was a medium sized female turtle and very healthy looking.  That made my day!  Back on shore it got cloudy and started to rain so I went home.  What a mixed bag of conditions for today!