Voggy Paddling!

The day started out nice.   Thankfully no cane smoke this morning and it looked to be a much nicer day than yesterday.  I hurried out on my board…… Trying to get as much paddling in as possible.  The conditions were definitely better than yesterday but the water was still a bit choppy.  I paddled south to the end of Kam 2 and then noticed some white caps popping up and turned north.  I could see the vog beginning to obscure the mountain and then it started to obscure the sun too, off and on.   The island of Lanai was not visible at all and Kahoolawe was barely visible.  This is when I know how bad the vog is.  Despite the vog….. I had a great time paddling and made it down to Charley Young Beach before heading in.  No turtles or whales today either.  Lately I’m just glad to get out there!  As soon as the winds normalize and the vog goes away……. I’ll be looking forward to paddling down to the boat ramp.  Until then….. I’m happy to get some paddling and swimming in.  The water has been pretty clesr too….and of course…… It’s always a beautiful day on Maui!