my buddies!

my buddies!

Yesterday was windy, but today was perfect!!!  A beach friend of mine said she gave the day a “10”….and I really have to agree!  The ocean was calm, the sun was out, no wind, and the water was crystal clear!  It was one of those days you would order if you could, for every day!  The VOG was pretty much non-existent too, and you could even see the valleys on the island of Lanai.  It was a joy paddling down to the boat ramp, but there were a lot more people out paddling than yesterday, so I had company at the boat ramp.  Luckily most everyone else moved on in one direction or the other, but the turtles did make me wait for them today. Finally I spotted a turtle bobbing at the surface so I paddled over.  It looked familiar so I waited until it came right by me, and then I could see it’s tail then I knew it was Lizard!!  Lizard hung around with me for a while and then two more turtles joined us for a turtle triangle!  Then I noticed a turtle popping in and out of the water….. and it was Torpedo Head!  It came to visit me a couple of more times while I was there.  I sat between two sets of two turtles, and then the turtles started surfacing just one at a time, until I had counted ten turtles for the day!  It was so nice down at the boat ramp.  After awhile I decided to paddle back and the conditions stayed nice all the way back.  Just as I came into the Kam I area, I ran into a paddling friend and  a new paddling friend she had just met.  We chatted for a while and then I came in to take my swim.  Swimming was terrific too!  I swam down to the reef and there were lots of fish, even a baby Puffer fish and an interesting long yellow fish I had never seen before.  I  will have to look that one up!  The day stayed nice and was still perfect when I left the beach to go home.  It sure was a perfect day!


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I have been happily living on Maui for the past twenty-four years. I have been stand up paddling for over five years. I am married to Bob; have three grown children, five grandchildren,( two grandsons and three grand daughters.) I live in Kihei, on the South shore of Maui, right up the street from Kamaole Beach Park I. I paddle from Kam I almost every morning. I love living the island life and I love sharing my paddling adventures! Come join me! Maui No Ka Oi!
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  1. Sounds like a wonderful day!

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