A Whale Nurse -a- Thon Today!!

whales approaching

whales approaching

While I was getting ready to go down to the beach, my husband came back from the beach and told me that there was a whale sitting outside of Kam I and a guy on a stand up board was sitting right by it!  Oh boy, I sprung into action and tried to get down there as quick as I could, but by the time I got there the lifeguards had called in the “cavalry” and the Dept. of Land and Natural Resources guys were arriving as I got there.  Soon they were yelling at people who were out by the whales and pacing the beach with binoculars!  I could see a paddling friend out there, so I paddled out by her. We were far enough away from the whales…..but close enough to see them and hear them!  Soon we realized that it was a mother whale nursing a good-sized calf.  Typically when they nurse their babies, they come in closer to shore and they nurse for a while.  While we were watching the whales, a Coast Guard boat sped into the area and then a second boat roared up,  apparently to “guard” the whales!  Well, as the first boat came in, the whales tried to get away from it and came farther south and in closer by us!  After watching them for about 45 minutes, I continued paddling down to the boat ramp where I was greeted by a turtle right away.  Then two more turtles popped up!  One other paddler was out farther than I was, but it didn’t seem like she was having any turtle luck.  I spotted a turtle in further so I paddled in.  Then a really little turtle popped up beyond that one.  The larger turtle swam right up to my board and then popped its head up!  For about 60 seconds the turtle and I just stared at each other!  It was so funny!  Then it dove under my board.  The day was so perfect and by the time I counted eleven turtles, I decided to paddle back to see if the whales were still there.  Conditions were ideal for paddling and as I neared Kam I, I could still see that the Coast Guard boats were still in the area.  I paddled on and parked myself not far from the boat to watch the whales.  The mother whale was still nursing her calf, but had moved farther out in the ocean.  Every now and then I could see and  hear them blowing out of their blowholes and see the large back of the mother whale above the water’s surface.  The whales had now been in the area for about three hours!  I paddled in so I could go for a swim.  The day stayed extremely perfect and my swim was wonderful too!  By the time I came back from swimming, the Coast Guard boats had left the area, so the whales had finally moved out to sea.  It was a great whale day….but I also enjoyed my eleven turtles too!!


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I have been happily living on Maui for the past twenty-four years. I have been stand up paddling for over five years. I am married to Bob; have three grown children, five grandchildren,( two grandsons and three grand daughters.) I live in Kihei, on the South shore of Maui, right up the street from Kamaole Beach Park I. I paddle from Kam I almost every morning. I love living the island life and I love sharing my paddling adventures! Come join me! Maui No Ka Oi!
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  1. Wow, what an exciting day!

  2. My husband was down in makena working at a house on the beach when he saw a whole pod of dolphins swimming and jumping close to shore. A bunch of SUPers and swimmers went out to them. Yep the cavalry didn’t know about it or they would have been there too.

    • Wonderful! I missed paddling on Thursday due to a trip to the car dealer for some maintenance work on my car…. and I heard that a mother whale was again nursing a calf at Kam II! Only that day no dlnr and no Coast Guard….only the lifeguards yelling at people to stay away from the whales. They need to chill out some!

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