Wowee, Wowee, Kazoowee!!

whale breeching!

whale breeching!

I woke up late, again.  It was almost 9:30 a.m. before I got out on the water and I didn’t know about the wind, but I went out anyway.  The day was beautiful and so far, the conditions were ideal, so I paddled on down to the boat ramp.  Just as I was passing Kam II, I ran into a paddling friend.  I pointed out that there were some boats congregating out farther on the ocean, and wondered if there was a whale out there.  Suddenly, my friend said, “Hey, isn’t that a whale right there?”  I looked in that direction and sure enough, there WAS a whale out there and it was pretty close to us!  The whale seemed to be heading south, so we started to paddle south and I inched my way out farther in the ocean hoping to get closer to it.  I soon realized that there were actually three whales, not one, and I got really excited!  I yelled for my friend to hurry up, but she had somewhere she had to be so I took off out to the whales without her.  When I got close to them, another woman was paddling over to where I was too.  The whales were right out from the boat lane and I was worried about the boats starting to roar in and not seeing the whales.  Then I could see that one of the whales was a calf and the other two were adults.  One of them might have been the mother whale, but I’m not sure.  Soon I spotted a boat roaring in and got nervous!  I started waving my paddle around frantically to hopefully draw attention to the group of whales so the boat wouldn’t run over them, but it paid no attention to me and roared right by the whales.  I was so worried about the boat hurting them, but as soon as the boat passed, the three whales popped up again!  They must have heard the motors and dove down.  I was so relieved!  It was just beautiful out on the ocean and the other paddler and I were just hanging out by the whales, when all of a sudden, BAM… of the adult whales flew out of the water in a full breech just yards from where we were sitting!   We were in shock!  It was totally amazing!  The whale was huge and there it was, all of it, in the air, out of the water right in front of us!  We both got rocked from the wake of the whale splashing down into the water and we were just recovering from the shock of it, when BAM….to the right of us, another full breech, just like the last one!  Wow, just wow….we were really in shock now!  A guy on a one man canoe had just started to paddle over by us when the second breech occurred and he was also in shock!  There we sat, all three of us, just marveling at what we had  just experienced, and then a few more yards out….BAM….a third breech!!!!!!!  That one was about a 3/4 breech but we were still overwhelmed by the whale show!!!!  WOW, that is all I can say!  Then the three whales headed out to sea and I almost just paddled back in awe, but decided to hang at the boat ramp for a few more minutes.  As soon as I got there, three turtles surfaced and I was now sitting in a turtle triangle!   Then two more turtles surfaced and I paddled over and sat in between them.  I was just about to leave when one more turtle popped up and then when I was passing Kam III, another turtle surfaced in front of me!   So, that was three whales and seven turtles for the day…..not bad for a day I almost didn’t go out paddling!  Surprisingly the conditions stayed so nice all the way  back and all the way through my swim too!  The water has cleared up and I got to see lots of fish down by the reef too.   What a fantastic day! (The other paddler had a camera and I hope I can find her and see what she was able to video!!!!!)  I hope tomorrow is just as great!


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I have been happily living on Maui for the past twenty-four years. I have been stand up paddling for over five years. I am married to Bob; have three grown children, five grandchildren,( two grandsons and three grand daughters.) I live in Kihei, on the South shore of Maui, right up the street from Kamaole Beach Park I. I paddle from Kam I almost every morning. I love living the island life and I love sharing my paddling adventures! Come join me! Maui No Ka Oi!
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