• Oh wow!   It was windy already by 8 a.m.!   I guess I’m feeling desperate to paddle lately so I’m going outin any conditions.  The wind was blowing from the north so I headed into the wind.  It was a lot of effort paddling against the wind and white caps!  I made it down to Cove park and turned around.  What a bumpy ride!  The wind pushed me south pretty rapidly.  I had to paddle constantly or the wind would turn me around.  I made it down to Kam 2 and then headed back.  Just before I paddled in… I spotted a turtle swimming underneath me.  I followed it for a little while and then realized the turtle was fighting the wind too!  Coming in was fun getting pushed around by the wind!  I hurried to rinse my board and secure it up on my racks.  Then I went for my swim.  Despite the wind …..visibility was pretty good in the water!   I headed north and ran into a turtle swimming south so I turned around to swim with it!  It swam under me and then next to me then I left it and swam north again.   A few minutes later I ran across another turtle swimming south!  Again, I turned around and swam along with it.   After a while I was exhausted so I came in.   Three turtles on a blustery day was a nice surprise!   I hope tomorrow morning is calm!

    Super windy!

    Super windy!

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