Cenotes Cristal and Escondido

Last cenote adventure in Riviera Maya

Last cenote adventure in Riviera Maya

This morning the sky towards Tulum looked dark and threatening…..and we almost turned around, but thankfully we kept driving!  It was our last day here and I hoped for one more adventure.  A couple of miles past Tulum we found two cenotes right across the highway from each other, called Cristal and Escondido.  Both cenotes are connected by a series of underground caves and apparently a favorite for scuba divers.  We swam in both cenotes and I snorkeled too.  In Cenote Cristal, a baby turtle zipped by my head and then swam down to the bottom of the cenote!  It was so cute.  Cenote Escondido is much deeper and has more underground caves…..a few so dark, it was spooky!  The jungle path to Escondido was longer than I expected and full of pesky mosquitoes.  I got quite a few bites and now I am itching!  The cenote was worth it though.  After we swam in the cenotes, we headed to the beach in Tulum.  It was so beautiful!  I can’t get over how turquoise the sea is and how white the sand is……just magical.  We were having such a nice time swimming in the sea and enjoying the beach when the clouds started to move in and start threatening to rain!  Before we knew it, the rain started to come down so we ran to the car!  I’m so glad we got another great day before our travel day!  Tulum is an amazing place and I look forward to spending more time there on our next trip.  Tomorrow is a travel day to Los Angeles and then Sunday it is back to Maui and paddling!!!!!!!  I really have missed my paddling!  Adios!

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I have been happily living on Maui for the past twenty-four years. I have been stand up paddling for over five years. I am married to Bob; have three grown children, five grandchildren,( two grandsons and three grand daughters.) I live in Kihei, on the South shore of Maui, right up the street from Kamaole Beach Park I. I paddle from Kam I almost every morning. I love living the island life and I love sharing my paddling adventures! Come join me! Maui No Ka Oi!
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  1. Wow, what a beautiful spot mary. Looks like you are having the time of your lives!

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