Turtle Hanky-Panky!!!

I love turtles!

I love turtles!

Well, it took us a crazy 24 hours to get back to Maui from Cancun.  A wild storm blew in the day we were leaving and just as we got on the road to the airport, the storm got increasingly worse!  It rained so hard that it was difficult to see on the highway and then by the time we got to the airport, it started to thunder and lightning!  I had never experienced a storm that bad before and it was scary.  Our flight was delayed almost three hours due to the lightning striking the ground and making it impossible for the jet to be fueled!  We finally got on board and the first thirty or so miles were rocky.  It was a stressful end to a really wonderful vacation in Mexico!  My first day back on my board ended up being perfect though.  Nice conditions prevailed and I paddled down to the boat ramp to hopefully see some turtles.  Just as I was passing Kam III, I spotted my first turtle on the surface.  I paddled over to it and it looked so odd.  It seemed like there was something wrong with its shell….. so I got closer to get a better look.  To my complete surprise, another turtle was actually on the other turtle’s back!  Then it hit me, they were mating!  I was sorry to intrude on their private moment but I stayed there and watched them (don’t judge!).  I have seen turtles mate before but never have I seen one actually under the water…..ON the other turtles shell!  What a surprise for my first day back on the water after our trip to Mexico!  After a while, they separated and for a few minutes I was sitting between them.  Then I paddled on to the boat ramp and the rest of the turtles didn’t disappoint.  Ten turtles surfaced while I was there!  That was a total of twelve for the day!  The conditions stayed so nice and it was great paddling back.  I was hoping my swim would be nice too and it was!  The water is so warm and clear and there were lots of fish darting around the reef.  What a nice day to come back to!  I hope tomorrow is just as nice…..stay tuned…..

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I have been happily living on Maui for the past twenty-four years. I have been stand up paddling for over five years. I am married to Bob; have three grown children, five grandchildren,( two grandsons and three grand daughters.) I live in Kihei, on the South shore of Maui, right up the street from Kamaole Beach Park I. I paddle from Kam I almost every morning. I love living the island life and I love sharing my paddling adventures! Come join me! Maui No Ka Oi!
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